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We are CSULB's Linguistics Student Association. Restarted in Fall 2019. We are a student organization at California State University, Long Beach.

We were created to bring all CSULB's Linguistics students and faculty together, to prepare linguistics students for their future outside of the university, and to raise awareness of linguistics.

We provide a variety of programs and events you find in the semesters, from simple get-togethers, to workshops on linguistic topics, or even opportunities for students and faculty to present their research.


Our aim is to provide a supported community to assist along side your educational journey. We bring undergraduates and graduates alike to allow equal opportunity and encouraging educational pursuit – where we might explore topics in podcasts, news, literature, research and more to spark ideas.


These often might provide ideas for your classes or opportunities to teach or discuss what you have been learn in your classes, to critically consider the content through thorough built understanding.


Therefore, we will be a source for community, education, teaching, application, discussion.

Want to know more about us?

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